Oink by J.L. Newton

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Oink by J.L. Newton (Food For Thought Mystery #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 0.3 mb

Pigs, poisoned cornbread, a feminist network, and a university tainted by corporate values.
Emily Addams, foodie professor of women’s studies at Arbor State—a land grant university in Northern California—finds herself an unlikely suspect in the poisoning of a man she barely knows: Professor Peter Elliott of Plant Biology, the hotshot developer of a new genetically modified corn.
How did her cornbread end up in his hand as he lay in the smelly muck of a pig’s pen?
As Emily and her colleagues try to identify who and what has poisoned Peter, they also struggle to keep a new and corporate-minded administration from defunding the women’s and ethnic studies programs.
In the process of solving the mystery, Emily and her network deepen their ties to each other—and uncover some of the dark secrets of a university whose traditionally communal values are being polluted by a wave of profit-fueled ideals.
Oink comes with recipes.


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