Old Cold Bones by David Carter

Old Cold Bones

Old Cold Bones by David Carter (The Inspector Walter Darriteau Books #8)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.2 MB

There’s evil in all of us, even you. All it needs is the right circumstances to bring it to the fore.
Corley Crabb is almost thirty. He lives alone in a tiny flat and has few friends. He’s a trainee accountant working for a dull company. His mother is dead and he and his father hate each other with a passion and don’t communicate.

On a blazing English summer afternoon Corley vanishes without trace. It’s a sad fact but no one seems that interested, except maybe Sandy Goldy. She’s a concerned work-colleague and reports the matter to the local Chester Police. But they don’t appear that interested either, saying “He’ll reappear in a few days, you’ll see”, a comment that Inspector Walter Darriteau overhears.

There’s something in the girl’s tone that triggers levers deep within Walter’s brain, and he needs to know more.


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