Old Habits by John Carson

Old Habits

Old Habits by John Carson (Scott Marshall #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 259 Kb

Old Habits : Four years ago, FBI Special Agent Scott Marshall and his team were hunting a serial killer in a small town in Upstate New York. Women were being abducted and murdered, then their corpses were displayed in open shallow graves.

Marshall’s FBI partner, Jessie Kent, was taken. During the hunt for her, Marshall tracked the killer down, but he was shot five times and left for dead. Less than an hour later, the killer took his own life.

None of the remaining victims were ever found.

Until now.

A female detective comes down to Marshall’s home town to ask for his help. Somebody has found the decomposed victims and is displaying them.

Despite no longer being with the FBI, Marshall sees this as a chance to find Jessie, and take her home for a proper burial. And to lay to rest the feelings of guilt he’s been carrying for the past four years.

He agrees to go back with Dani Fox, but it’s soon clear somebody doesn’t want him back in town. He’s warned off, but he ignores it.

Then the killings start. Somebody has just accelerated the game from displaying corpses to adding new victims. And this time, he’s making it personal…

“Despite the heat, I felt chilled inside. My heart rate was coming back to normal. I looked at my watch and the time showed I was five minutes late for my meeting. I turned and jogged down the stairs that led to Columbus Hall, a modern building built in the grounds of what was once a nunnery. I nipped into the restrooms to throw water on my face and dried it off with paper towels. I didn’t look my best, but it wasn’t as if I had anybody at home to impress.

Students were mostly gone for the summer, although a few were there for summer classes. I knew one or two of them and they said hi to me.

Apart from the theater, offices, and classrooms, there was a small café downstairs called Washington’s, outside The Hudson View restaurant.

This is where Detective Danielle Fox was waiting for me.

She looked fabulous in a white shirt and tan shorts. Her hair was blonder than I remembered it, as if she’d finished it off with a bottle. Her smile was welcoming but with a little added nervousness thrown in for good measure.

‘You’re looking good, Scott.’

‘Thanks. You are too.”



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