Old Love by Nancy J. Hedin

Old Love

Old Love by Nancy J. Hedin
English | 2021|Romance > FF| ePUB | 8 MB

Mary Caine is pushing sixty and pulling her hair out because the one thing she counts on—the Midsummer Carnival—may not even happen this year.

Mary openly adores the Midsummer Carnival and secretly hopes each year that her mom, who abandoned her as a child, will return with the carnival company. And Mary passionately loves Sadie Barnes, her first love, who left town thirty years ago. Mary wants a second chance and feels like she might get it when Sadie comes back to town to take a school administrator position.

Suddenly, everything goes to pieces. Not only are the rights to the carnival barbeque sauce recipe in question, but two dead bodies are found by the lake and somehow Sadie is implicated in both.

With the help of her pilfering, talking crow named Win and her faithful hound named Bob Barker, Mary is determined to win back Sadie’s love, exonerate her from the murder, solve the suspicious deaths, preserve the carnival, and for extra credit, help Sarah—the pregnant teen Mary has employed at her grocery store.

Old Love proves that a second chance at love can come at any age—even in a small town.


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