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Genres: Mystery

Alexander Hartung lives in his hometown of Mannheim, Germany, with his wife and young son. He discovered his love of thrillers and historical fiction while studying economics. Until the Debt is Paid follows hard-partying detective Jan Tommen through Berlin, a city the author previously called home.

   Jan   Tommen Investigation  
     0101 - Until the Debt Is Paid   (2014)  
     0102 - Grave Intent (2016)  
     Nik Pohl  
     0201 - Broken Glass (2019)  
     0202 - Blood Ties (2019)   

Link: – https://www28.zippyshare.com/v/2qT5YHjw/file.html

Link: – https://ufile.io/vv90oqza

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