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Genre – FictionScience FictionHorror

C.G. Mosley was born and raised in a small town in east central Mississippi. Other than writing, he also enjoys watching Dallas Cowboys football and Nashville Predators hockey on television, camping with his family and spending time with friends. C.G. lives in Mississippi with his wife of 15 years and their three children, three dogs, chickens, five cats and their rescue pig, Wilbur.

   Island in   the Mist  
     0101 - The Island in the Mist   (2017)  
     0102 - Monsters in the Mist   (2017)  
     0103 - Terror in the Mist   (2017)  
     Star Cruiser Titan  
     0201 - Star Cruiser Titan   (2018)  
     0202 - The Abandoned Secret   (2020) (with Shannon Rogers)  
     0001 - Worthless Silver   (2008)  
     0002 - The Pirate Raiders   (2013)  
     0003 - Wood Ape (2018)  
     0004 - Baker County Bigfoot   Chronicle (2019)  
     0005 - Rogue (2019)   

Link – https://www111.zippyshare.com/v/ogMXbpFI/file.html

Link – https://ufile.io/8jzd7g86

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  1. Libiris, how come you haven’t posted any new “On My Bookshelf” collections lately? I really like this feature. If it’s an author I’m interested in, it’s nice to find all of their stuff in one place. Please consider posting some new collections.



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