On the Loop by J.D. Robinson

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On the Loop by J.D. Robinson
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

How can 30 crew members just vanish into thin air?

That’s the question Alina Andra faces as the Company’s former media darling is thrust into a far less glamorous spotlight. Her 500-person crew should have been enjoying one last month on the atoll known as Tilulipu, where the Company has built a luxurious resort. What better way to bask in Earth’s splendors?

But the rooms of the entire executive team now stand empty, and Alina’s colleagues have turned to her to make sense of their predicament. So why have a handful of her more dubious crewmates decided that the disappearance is part of an outlandish plot? And why have they named Alina as a co-conspirator?

Desperate for answers, Alina heads a search for the truth. But while the answer she discovers may explain the mass disappearance, it may also put Earth’s first crewed extrasolar mission in jeopardy.


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