On The Record by Raven J. Spencer

On The Record

On The Record by Raven J. Spencer (Love In The Limelight trilogy #1)
English |2021|Romance FF| ePUB | 3.3 MB

Out and proud lesbian singer/songwriter Emmy Whittaker is not amused when her manager books her on Andrea Stone’s show. She has worked hard to build a following. That includes many younger fans who trust her to have their backs.

Stone, who has a reputation for hearing differing opinions on controversial issues, doesn’t fit the bill. For the concessions Andrea has made, she’s been rewarded with a stellar career and considerable wealth. In her opinion, the sacrifices have been worth it.

Meeting Emmy shakes her beliefs.

A fateful decision they make leads her to understand that sometimes, the cost of compromise can be too high…

On The Record is the first book in the Love In The Limelight trilogy. Each title features a different couple and can be read as standalone.


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