One Decision Too Late by Michael Anderle

 One Decision Too Late

One Decision Too Late (McFadden and Banks Book 6) by Michael Anderle
English | 2021|Sci – Fi| ePUB | 6.7 MB

I live in England with my all-male family of two other humans and three dogs. I’m seriously outnumbered.

Human greed conspires with bizarre coincidences to unleash a Zoo nightmare of epic proportions.
Disgruntled ex-employees seize a lab and resort to blackmail. The cryptids they study are their ultimate weapon.
A super-spy has Desk in his sights.
An unsuspecting world hangs in the balance.
The Zoo is ready to expand. This time, it could be impossible to stop it.
Ignorance gives the jungle an unexpected foothold in Europe.
Will the Zoo be driven back?
Can Big Harry be stopped before he rampages through Europe?
How does Desk evade a determined search and retrieve expert?
When things are desperate, there is only one thing to do—call McFadden and Banks.
They will get the job done or die trying.
Delivering miracles is all in a day’s work…

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