One Eyed Jack Box Set by Christopher J. Lynch


One Eyed Jack Box Set by Christopher J. Lynch (#1-4)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

This box set consists of some of Jack’s more notable adventures; from rescuing a woman trapped in a case of double-blackmail, to outrunning Russian mobsters trying to kill him, to exposing crooked evangelists, as well as doping athletes. So sit back and enjoy the ride, and be thankful it’s not you…at least not yet.

1. One Eyed Jack
Professional blackmailer John Sharp, aka One Eyed Jack, is a man who knows how to keep a secret – for a price. But when a routine case of infidelity takes an unexpected detour, he soon finds himself caught in a tangled web of double-blackmail, commodities manipulation, and trying to rescue the woman that had once been his target.

2. Russian Roulette
A washed up trophy-wife, a recklessly ambitious cop, and one very ticked off Russian Mobster. Professional blackmailer John Sharp, AKA One Eyed Jack, is in the fight of his life, and engaged in a deadly cat and mouse game with his long-time nemesis. Surviving only by his cunning and street smarts, he must return to his painful past, and to the only person who can help him stop his arch enemy once and for all.

3. Sin Tax
A charismatic evangelist, a seductress minister’s wife, and a congregation lured by their false prophet. America’s premier blackmailer, One Eyed Jack, goes undercover to expose a powerful and deadly ministry. But by the time he discovers the church’s true mission, he finds himself in a fight for his own life. Murder, lust, and greed abound in this fast paced thriller.

4. Blue Chip
Professional blackmailer One Eyed Jack has few boundaries when it comes to choosing his targets: embezzlers, philanderers, and scammers. They’re all fair game in his eyes. But when he dips his toe into the high stakes world of college football to target athletes who use performance enhancing drugs, he finds that the pond is far more toxic and dangerous than he thought. Betrayal, greed and murder abound in this fast paced thriller.

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