One Final Breath by C.R. Chandler

One Final Breath

One Final Breath by C.R. Chandler (Ricki James Mystery #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |3.0 MB

She used to chase killers . . . Now one is chasing her
Deep inside a national forest, former Special Agent Ricki James stands in the middle of a killing field that was never meant to be found. With the carnage lying all around her, Ricki knows one thing for sure: a killer who hides his work so well, intends to go on killing.

The single mom already has enough complications in her life, and a whole lot of dead bodies isn’t helping matters. She has a son to support, an ex-husband who is also her business partner to deal with, and a slightly shabby diner to run so she can make ends meets. She’s already seen the worst side of humanity and has no intention of stepping into that world again.

But she hadn’t counted on a serial killer murdering people in her own backyard, in a town with only a two-man police department standing between a terrifying death and everyone she loves.

As the body count continues to rise, Ricki has no choice but to take up her badge again and go hunting for a madman. But nothing is ever easy. The man the press has dubbed “the mountain killer” moves through the forest like smoke and kills without mercy. He is used to being the hunter not the hunted and he has plans of his own.

Either Special Agent James pays the ultimate price for finding his dumping ground, or someone she loves will. He’ll make sure of it.

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