One Step Ahead by Audrey Walker

 One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead: a gripping psychological Thriller Novella (Robin Matthews Series Book 2) by Audrey Walker
English | 2021| Mystery & Thriller |ePUB| 7 MB

Walker lives currently in south Germany with her husband and a newly born daughter. When she is not writing or reading, you will find her climbing up the Alps in Switzerland and walking around the Black Forest in south of Germany.

Detective Robin Matthews cracks under the pressure of the killer-or will she be saved?
The flashing memories continue, and Robin is enslaved by the nightmares that haunt her. The more she tries to run from the Butcher, the more he seems to follow her.
As the pressure mounts and the bodies pile up, the Detective wonders if she will ever be able to catch a killer as elusive as this. Robin is thrown into a mess that doesn’t just challenge her intellect but also her mental stability.
Just when Robin may finally have a chance at her happy ending, she loses someone to the Executioner. The deeper she dives in to put an end to it all, the more insane she feels.
Will she finally catch the killer that has tortured her for so long? Or is she already caught in his elaborate trap?

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