Orchard Grove by Vincent Zandri

Orchard Grove

Orchard Grove by Vincent Zandri
English | 2016 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.1 MB

Sometimes fences make for nice neighbors.
Other times they hide the evil within.
From New York Times best-selling author Vincent Zandri comes a riveting novel of lies, deceit, and murder right next door.
Orchard Grove is a town like any other, with quiet neighborhoods and apple groves . . . though Ethan, the depressed screenplay writer, and his secretive wife, Susan, would tell you differently.
So would the seductive serial killer living next door. The apple trees are fertilized with evil, and the backyard fences aren’t enough to stop the manipulative mind games and dangerous lies.
The lines between good and evil are blurred, and then erased, as Ethan does what it takes to survive.

Because, let’s be real here. An obsession isn’t something that just pops up overnight like a boil on your ass cheek. An obsession takes time. It requires slow simmering. It needs to sprout and grow like a sapling into a sturdy tree with a healthy root system and leaves on the branches. It needs constant feeding and watering or it will die an early death. That said, maybe the right move for me would have been to cut off the food supply to my ever growing obsession which, of course, was none other than my watching her through the window. Maybe the right thing to do would have been to simply stop, concentrate on something else. Like a new script for instance.

It didn’t help that my wife Susan had already gotten somewhat acquainted with Lana, having run into her at her local P90X workout class the two take together. Susan even carpooled with Lana. Since we’re spilling truths here, I’ll even admit that I got a special kick out of watching them get into Lana’s red convertible, the two of them wearing not much more than workout shorts and bikini tops. One brunette and the other blonde. With their sunglasses on, they looked years younger. Like a couple of college sorority girls heading for the beach.

On more than one occasion since the Cattivo’s moved in, Susan offered to introduce me to Lana, but considering the condition I was in, I steadfastly declined. I just wasn’t myself any longer. My surgery had thrown me for a loop, and weeks of being off my feet made me feel fat, old, and insignificant. Not an easy thing to swallow for a man who was used to running three miles per day and training with weights for five out of the seven days.


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