Our Darkest Hour by Sarah Bailey

Our Darkest Hour

Our Darkest Hour by Sarah Bailey (Our Darkest Series Book 1)
English | 2020| Romance MM | ePUB | 3.7 MB

My Lies. Our Demise.
My life had never been easy growing up. An abusive, alcoholic father. A mother who wouldn’t leave him. It all felt empty and hollow. Until one day, a blue-grey eyed boy saved me from a bully and changed my entire world.
He and I grew from boys to adolescents. Best friends who fell in love. We shared a bond I thought could never be broken. But fate had other plans.
One event shattered our illusion.
It tore us apart even as we fought to stay together.
Then the boy I loved broke all his promises.
He left me.
He ruined me.
He lied.
Aaron Jackson Parrish should have been my fairy tale love story. But not all fairy tales have a happy ending. And ours had the most unforgiving ending of all.

Was it stupid of me to be waiting for him this morning? Probably. Maybe I wanted to know if he was serious about being my friend. Surely it was all too good to be true. I’d only ever been dealt with a crappy hand in life. Even when I tried. So I stopped attempting to connect with others. It seemed such a pointless waste of time.

My dad hadn’t been home when I got in, but Mum was there. She asked me why I’d got back early so I mumbled about a kid giving me a lift home. The way her eyes brightened made me sick. She wanted me to make friends. To do well in life. Little did she know the damage had already done. I wished I wasn’t a part of this world on a daily basis.

I wanted to ask her why she stayed with my dad, but I knew it would be useless. My mum couldn’t cope on her own. Not since she’d had me. My birth had left her permanently disabled. She had a condition called pre-eclampsia, whilst she’d been monitored closely, she’d ended up having a stroke right after I was born. It left her with spatial awareness and communication problems. Occasionally she had issues walking. My dad was technically her carer although, really, I looked after the most. She’d explained the reason behind her condition to me recently. She kept telling me I was a smart boy who could understand what everything meant.

So the fact my dad beat her sickened me. And it was why I remained. She didn’t have any other family except me. Her sister had been around to help out with me when I’d been a baby, but she’d died last year. I say she died. She took her own life. Mum said Aunt Bibi had suffered from severe depression since they were teenagers. I think I understood Aunt Bibi more than I did anyone else. She couldn’t take the pain any longer.

When a red Ford Fiesta pulled up in front of me, I ignored it at first as I was expecting the Range Rover. So when Aaron hopped out, I took a step back.

“I wasn’t sure you’d be here. Come on, Tamara’s better today.”

I hesitated for a long moment whilst Aaron stared at me with those stormy blue-grey eyes of his. In their own way, they were beautiful. I could imagine him being at home during a thunderstorm with lightning striking all around him whilst the rain poured from the sky. Shaking myself, I took a step towards him which brought a smile to his face.

When we were in the car and I’d mumbled hello to Tamara who seemed quite young with red hair and blue eyes and had an Australian accent, Aaron turned to me.

“So I was wondering if you wanted to come over at the weekend. My parents are away for work so it’d just be us and Tamara.”



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