Out of the Darkness by Robert D. McKee

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Out of the Darkness by Robert D. McKee
English | 2017 |General Fiction | ePUB | 2.9 MB

The year is 1900. Micah McConners returns home to Probity, Wyoming, to practice law and discovers things have changed since he’s been away. There’s a new prosecutor in town who has a real dislike for Micah’s boyhood friend, Dr. Chester Hedstrom. In an effort to help a patient, Chester has intentionally violated the law, and this prosecutor is eager to see that Chester goes to prison. Out of the Darkness is a sweeping story of violence and the nature of justice—a doctor’s responsibility to his patient, and a lawyer’s responsibility to his client. It is a story of forbidden love, and of a terrified young woman finding her courage. Ultimately it is a story of the twentieth century from an early and innocent perspective.


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