Out Of Their Depth by M.R. Cook

Out Of Their Depth

Out Of Their Depth by M.R. Cook
English | 2019 | Sci / fi | ePUB | 671 Kb

Out Of Their Depth : What kills you is not that which you don’t know, but that which you think you know and do not.

The Dowager Duchess of Chalmers, Vicar General of the Church of Arathan Lightbringer, has a problem. In the small town of Narbeth, someone has dug up seven graves and taken all the contents; why? The locals suspect necromancy. To make matters worse, one of her extended family is a suspect, and the secular authority is a bullying jacka**.

With the goal of plausible deniability, Lady Chalmers hires a group of freelancers to investigate. Almost from the moment her mercenaries set foot in town, bodies begin to pile up—and won’t stay dead! Will the hired swords realize what is going on before it’s too late?

“I am not sure it will ever no longer bother me. But there is work to be done.”

She laughed. “Arise. I should know better than to take pity on a lawyer.” Lady Chalmers returned to the seat behind her desk, eyeing him. “You are looking well, Sir Githwin, Lord Bollingbroke. Your latest profession apparently suits.”

“I have been lucky, Your Grace.”

“Have you now? We shall see if that holds.” Lady Chalmers glanced down at her desk and shuffled through sheets of parchment, then pulled two sheets from a stack and set them to one side. “I have a task in mind for you, not too different from that affair in Vivre last year. I am assuming you have not allowed your other skills to completely atrophy.”

Githwin thought back to that strange set of church murders in Vivre. There is something of the arcane in this, or the law, or both, he thought. “I always try to offer a variety of competencies and have maintained myself in good standing with the Lawyers’ Guild, Milady. Or is it ‘Your Worship’ tonight?”

She chuckled. “Either will do. I expect that you can make yourself available to me on short notice? Immediately, to be precise?”

Githwin nodded. “Indeed I can, Your Grace.”

“Good,” said Lady Chalmers. “I’ve received some disquieting news from the village of Narbeth. Do you know the place?”


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