Outbreak series Boxed Set (1-3) by Thomas Baker, Robert Wagner

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Outbreak series Boxed Set

The Outbreak series Boxed Set by Thomas Baker, Robert Wagner (#1-3)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB |2.0 Mb

Outbreak series Boxed Set : Limited-Time New Release Price! Grab it before it goes up to $9.99!
Get the first 3 books in The Outbreak Series in a complete boxed set featuring over 1000 pages of Zompoc action.

It was a day of death. A night of Terror. The Outbreak begins.
Book 1 – Safe Haven
Without warning what is reported as a deadly rabies virus sweeps across the United States, killing all who contracted it. Worse, the virus revives the newly dead as zombies, roaming the land, seeking new victims to infect.

A group of diverse survivors band together in the aftermath, searching for a safe haven. They think they have found one only to discover even worse monsters have survived the apocalypse.

Travel with JT, Hannah, Tyrone, Gus, Harold, and the other survivors as they fight to stay alive in a world overrun by the dead.

Book 2 – Purgatory
The Outbreak Continues…Dying is easy, surviving is just the beginning.

JT and his group still struggle to survive in an America overrun with zombie hordes. They head deep into the Heartland, hoping to find somewhere safe where they can help their friend Gus, who has been mortally wounded.

Hannah thinks they have found the place they’ve long searched for when they stumble onto refugees hold up in a church, led by a man named Reverend Albright.

JT isn’t convinced if they have found salvation… or purgatory.

Book 3 – Dead of Winter

The Outbreak continues… Cold does not bother that which is dead.

Most Americans have been killed by a virus, one that revives their dead bodies to search for other victims to infect.

Summer now heads into winter as Hannah now leads the ragged group of survivors up into the mountains of Colorado. Hoping to find somewhere safe to be left alone in the hard, desolate region, they instead get swept up into a battle between two factions over a valuable resource, while the zombie menace still threatens to consume them all.

Will the living survive or will the dead consume them all?

“Sarge, what’s going on?” Private Eckerson asked.

Cars, trucks, and SUVs were pulling off the highway, flying through the open field, and approaching the perimeter fence at high speed. Dirt sprayed up behind them, obscuring just how many vehicles were coming their way.

“Fall back!” Dusty commanded.

The squad fell back behind a nearby troop carrier. Dusty turned and could see MPs driving as fast as they could to his position, but he could tell they were going to get to reach him too late to be of much help.

With an ear piercing squeal of metal on metal, the lead cars crashed through the fences and into each other. When those cars came to a stop, the following cars began crashing into them. It didn’t matter, the vehicles just kept coming. None of the civilians were acting as if they had any regard for their own safety.

Dusty held his hands up, palms facing out, as if he could will it all to stop with his mind. In the car closest to him a family of three, the woman holding a baby, emerged and ran towards him. They were screaming frantically at him. All of them had a look of panic Dusty had only seen before on the battlefield.

“Everybody freeze!” Dusty shouted, to no effect.

Two MPs arrived on either side of him and raised their pistols. Dusty was shocked when he saw them. He hadn’t had time to call anything in.”




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