Outlaw Valley Wolf by Haley Weir

Outlaw Valley Wolf

Outlaw Valley Wolf by Haley Weir (Silver Fox Ranch #2)
English | 2020 | Romance, Paranormal | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Charlotte Woodberry is a woman running from her past. A freak storm brings her and four other women to a place called Wolf Valley in the heart of the Colorado Territory.
Rescued by the dashing Wesley James and his companions, Charlotte learns that there is a lot more to these mysterious men than she originally thought.

She has her heart set on loving Wesley as she partakes in an adventure sure to shape the course of the world.
Wesley James lived for decades with a curse hanging over his head. With the land torn apart by witches, wendigo, and outlaws looking to claim the untamed land of the west for themselves, Wesley and his friends must band together and seek the help of unexpected allies to find even a day’s worth of peace.
The heart that beat in his chest was once as cold as the frozen meadows that surround the forest, but the fiery spirit of Charlotte Woodberry is sure to burn any man that gets too close. Secrets come to light, and betrayal runs rampant, but can Charlotte teach Wesley what it means to be loved?

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