Overwatch by Logan Ryles


Overwatch by Logan Ryles (Reed Montgomery Series 1)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 400 Kb

Overwatch: Reed Montgomery made a deal with the devil: Thirty kills. Thirty lives snuffed out. That was the price of his freedom.

Over the last three years he’s made good on that bargain, executing mobsters and businessmen, politicians and diplomats. Anyone who became a target of Reed’s ruthless employer. With each silenced heartbeat, Reed counts down the days until he can hang up the rifle and disappear forever; leaving behind the blood and carnage and losing himself in the masses. Maybe there will be a way to repay the cost of the slaughter.

With only one kill remaining, Reed accepts a contract to assassinate a Georgia State Senator. It’s an easy job; one 745-yard shot, and he’s home free. But as the clock winds down on the hit, every practiced instinct from years of living outside the law warn him that this is anything but the end. He’s been set up, he’s running out of time, and the noose is tightening.

A cornered dog fights to the death.

“The latch lifted without resistance, and the door swung inward. Lights shone from somewhere beyond the hallway. Something heavy scraped against the hardwood flooring, and the air reeked of cigarette smoke.

Stepping across the threshold, Reed raised his weapon and then rounded the corner into the lounge, where two men sat at a card table. One man was dark and slim and wore an expensive evening suit and designer eyeglasses. He sat against the far wall, leaning over the table and growling at his companion between clenched teeth.

The second man was short and broad, stuffed into a polo shirt that constricted around each layer of fat, making him look like a caterpillar fighting to break free of an undersized cocoon. He puffed on a cigarette as sweat streamed down his bold, Italian-American features.

The men looked up when the stranger burst into the lounge. The short man with the cigarette choked and pushed himself away from the table, crashing to the floor, and gurgling something unintelligible. The man in the suit glared up at the intruder with wide, panicked eyes, and reached under his coat.”



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