Overwhelming Force by Craig Martelle,Michael Anderle

Overwhelming Force

Overwhelming Force by Craig Martelle,Michael Anderle (The Bad Company Book 7)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Craig has taken his more than twenty years of experience in the Marine Corps, his legal education, and his business consulting career to write believable characters living in a real world. Although Craig has written in multiple genres, what he believes most compelling are in-depth characters dealing with real-world issues. Life lessons of a great story can be applied now or fifty years in the future. Some things are universal.

The keys to the universe…
…are hidden on two different planets, both at war.
The Bad Company is the only force capable of unlocking destiny.
Terry and Char take the Bad Company beyond the frontier, back to Benitus Seven. What they find shocks them to the very core of their beings.
Marcie and Kae develop a new force, a land army to win the peace and keep it. They are sent to Kor’nar, a planet populated by insect people. Their challenges start buzzing the second they land with a force ten thousand strong.
When two worlds clash, there can only be one winner.
Terry. Char. The last chapter. Read it now.
This is the final book with Terry and Char as main characters. It’s two books in one and twice as long as the average Bad Company. Enjoy their swansong. If you haven’t followed Terry and Char’s adventures, don’t start here. You can follow them into space with The Bad Company or you can go all the way back to when they first met in Nomad Found, Book 1 of the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles.
Go forth and conquer, just like Terry and Char.

“Only twelve pickets for a six-ship transport fleet?” Marcie asked. The simulations she was running in her mind suggested a determined enemy would cause the formation a great deal of pain, reducing the Belzonian power-projection capability.

“This is the entirety of the Belzonian fleet. Additional warships would have to be requested from the Federation.” Paithoon sounded less confident.

“What is the capacity of each transport?”

“Four thousand!” Paithoon answered proudly in his best show announcer’s voice. The softball question renewed the vigor that had briefly waned. “We can move the entire army using only three ships.”

“Or we can split the army onto all six and increase survivability to deliver a combat-capable force even with some resistance to landing,” Marcie suggested. Paithoon started to stammer. He was a protocol officer, not one of the combat arms branches. She waved her question away. “That’s for the army commander. My apologies.”

Be polite, she reminded herself. Kae turned the snicker behind his hand into a forced cough.

“Belzimus has never lost a transport.” Paithoon tried valiantly to recover his announcer’s voice.

Kaeden couldn’t let it go. “Have they ever been under fire?”

Paithoon deflated as if a body blow had been delivered. “Once, from a pirate ship.”

“No matter,” Marcie remarked, cutting the conversation short. “Kae, make a note to get a list of available assets from the Federation. Visit the transports to see what we have, take a shuttle on a joyride to see what we’re going to put the troops through, and then… Well, I’ll think of more.”

Kaeden spoke softly into a small recording device. Marcie had one with her, too, but she intently watched the formation, thinking through the strategy and tactics of employing such ships in support of the ground forces. If she was going to take command of the entire operation, she needed to see it from the widest view. Kae was good with his role as her executive, and when needed, commander of the armored forces.

Paithoon flicked his hand at the screen. “Also, our support ships,” he said without conviction.

“Amateurs talk tactics. Professionals talk logistics,” Marcie repeated the phrase she had heard Terry Henry Walton say time and again. “I’ll want to know the lift capacity and supporting functions of each ship, along with redundancies in case of combat losses and impact to support assets.”

Marcie was talking to herself and Kae far more than she was talking to Paithoon. Kae repeated the key points into his recorder as he expanded their to-do list to an obscene length.

“When are we going to meet Colonel Braithwen?” Marcie asked, referring to the Belzonian ground force commander who had cross-trained with Yollin peacekeeping forces while also studying human strategy and tactics.

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