Pacific Poison by David Liscio

Pacific Poison

Pacific Poison: A Yakuza Japanese Underworld Thriller by David Liscio
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

CIA officer Hannah Summers is dispatched to the South Pacific with one simple objective: discover the source of heroin being trafficked to the United States, and destroy it before another shipment hits the streets of San Francisco.
But on the coral island of Saipan, the yakuza — powerful, elaborately-tattooed Japanese gangsters — have no intention of allowing Hannah and her partners to interfere with business.
With bodies beginning to pile up on the tiny island and tensions mounting between yakuza and local law enforcement, it could be the perfect opportunity for a plucky, blonde undercover agent to infiltrate Orochi “Big Snake” Tanaka’s organization.
Or, it could prove a fatal mistake…

After their third brief and secret meeting, Yoshi Yamamoto had begun to trust the American man and woman who offered him a way to escape from the death sentence imposed by Tanaka.

Over the course of several months, CIA officers Dan Stevens and Candace Cahill had convinced him to provide vital information about the region’s heroin trafficking in exchange for safe passage and an anonymous haven in the United States, where Yoshi and his 21-year-old adoptive niece, Hiraku, could spend the rest of their lives in relative peace, free from the tentacles of the yakuza.

“Mikito Asaki was a friend,” Yoshi told them during their most recent meeting, referring to the yakuza underboss found floating in the surf at Banzai Cliff. “We had similar thoughts and aspirations. He often wrote poetry. He prayed daily. He was a great artist and an honorable man.”

Stevens and Cahill offered condolences as they sat with their confidential informant in a Narita International Airport parking lot about an hour’s drive from downtown Tokyo and shared a box of Pocky chocolate biscuit sticks. They knew Yoshi enjoyed the snack and would appreciate the gesture. The CIA officers hoped to assuage Yoshi’s fear that he and Hiraku were next on Tanaka’s hit list. Yoshi repeatedly had described how his body and that of his lovely niece would be hacked to pieces and fed to the sharks off Saipan’s Marpi Point if suspected of leaking information about yakuza activities.

“Once we have all the information, we’ll set a time and place where you and your niece will meet our extraction team. You’ll be flown out of the region, but not aboard one of our diplomatic aircraft,” Cahill explained matter-of-factly, as though giving friends directions to a soccer game. “You’ll travel by other means. No need for passports. You’ll have a complete set of unique identification documents by the time you touch down in the United States.”

Yoshi seemed relieved. “I want to trust you. There are many in our yakuza family who do not believe in profiting through the sale of drugs. We know what heartbreak it can bring.”

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