Paid to Please Her by Athina Duarte

Paid to Please Her

Paid to Please Her by Athina Duarte
English | 2021 |Romance > FF| ePUB | 7 MB

Catherine Boughton’s exacting personality and strict sexual preferences make a perfect match difficult. Her non-binary biology flusters people. She’s been told she’s demanding. All the money she has amassed can’t buy happiness, but thanks to news laws regulating sex work, it can lend her a plaything.

Bettina Thompson has wanted to enter the specially engaged assistant program since her older sister graduated from it. She has this one opportunity to make enough money to clear her debts and get experience, and she is grabbing it. She didn’t expect to be eager for the position, but the fantasies are stronger than her common sense.

Their arrangement is supposed to be simple. Their relationship is business.

They have a contract and it ends in a year.

Even if Catherine starts to like this business transaction a little too much. Even if Bettina is infatuated from day one. Even if they are impossibly perfect for each other.

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