Paradigm 2045: Trinity’s Children by Robert W. Ross

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Paradigm 2045: Trinity’s Children by Robert W. Ross
English | 2020 | Sci-Fi | ePUB | 640 KB

In 2004, Doctor Damien Howard’s one-hundred thirty-first birthday celebration took an unexpected turn. His personal SETI project detected an extraterrestrial signal directed at Earth.

Unfortunately, Dr. Howard’s long hoped for communication contained a message of dire warning rather than greeting. In 1945 humanity had become a species of galactic interest, and was given one-hundred years to address the issue.

Now in 2045, only months remain before humanity’s grace period expires and the world mourns the passing of a titan. Damien Howard lies dead. Only his security officer, Misha Sokolov and artificially intelligent agent, Coleman are aware of Earth’s impending deadline.

Meanwhile, in Nairobi, Kenya, Charlotte Omandi prepares to address luminaries gathered for her keynote presentation at the Omandi Institute. Her life changes forever when Damien Howard reaches out to her from beyond the grave. She is the first born of Howard’s Children, nine genetically enhanced humans who hold the key to Earth’s salvation.

Charlotte must assemble a crew capable of demonstrating both faster-than-light travel and the wisdom required to join a galactic community. As humanity’s leaders become aware of the impending threat, massive forces attempt to impede Omandi and her nascent crew.

Despite Damien’s gifts of wealth, technology, and genetic superiority, his children face daunting challenges as they race against an armageddon clock set to strike on July 16, 2045. By that day, humanity will either shift its paradigm or perish.

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