Part-Time Gods by Rachel Aaron


Part-Time Gods by Rachel Aaron (Detroit Free Zone (DFZ) #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.1 Mb

Part-Time : Life in the magical mess of the Detroit Free Zone is never easy. When you’re laboring under the curse of a certain prideful, overbearing dragon, it can be down right impossible. My name is Opal Yong-ae, and I’m a Cleaner. At least, I used to be. Thanks to the supernatural bad luck that turns everything I do against me, these days I’m more of a walking disaster. Getting rid of this curse is the only way to get my life back. Unfortunately, dragon magic is every bit as sneaky and deadly the monsters behind it, and just as hard to beat. But I’ve never been one to take her doom at face value. Cornered doesn’t mean defeated, and in an awakened city that rules herself, dragons are no longer the biggest powers around.

“This, naturally, got sticky pumpkin all over his suit front, but at least the wailing stopped. Yong sighed in relief at the blessed silence and looked down at the ridiculous little creature burrowing into his shirt front.

“Are you done howling, little dog girl?”

As always, the nickname made her laugh. The unexpected mirth drove the last of her tears away. Yong didn’t see how it was possible to change emotions so quickly, but she’d always been a dramatic, changeable animal even by human standards. He was just happy she wasn’t crying anymore. He couldn’t think with all that noise. He was about to hand her back to the nanny when the little girl pushed back and looked at him, her face pulling into a smile that made his breath catch.

Ah, there it was.

His daughter smiled with the same intensity as she cried. The expression suffused her entire body, lighting her up from the inside until Yong felt like he was holding thirty-five pounds of pure sunshine, and all of it was for him. Not even the mortals who owed him their lives looked on him with such perfect trust, such guileless, fearless adoration. When she beamed at him like that, it didn’t matter that her features were unfortunate or her eyes were the wrong color or that she was still covered in pumpkin. That look made all the mountains of trouble she caused him seem trivial. It made him feel beloved. Made him feel like a god.

And he treasured it.”

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