Pawns Before Kings by Tom Canetti

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Pawns Before Kings by Tom Canetti
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

George Tierra is an introverted journalist with a debilitating history of crippling anxiety and nervous breakdowns. A fragile pacifist, he often relies on his girlfriend Marianne’s assuring voice of reasoning during times of conflict.In the midst of a global pandemic, the couple visit Paris for a weekend to check up on George’s elderly auntie.

Heated accusations regarding the outbreak cause political tensions to turn violent, and freedom and ethics are superseded by conscription and martial law. When the threat of world war surpasses familiar propagandist headlines and becomes a daunting reality resonating loudly at George’s auntie’s door, fight or flight instincts prevail over abandoned social constructs. George and Marianne are thrown head first into a calamity of intrinsic and extrinsic exploration —of their own values, and of those who rule our modernized tribal societies.

Does a globalized world create a greater vulnerability for the abuse of power? Are the historical defects of our preceding political systems circumstantial failures, or merely cyclical traits to human psychology?

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