Peace Talks by Kevin McLaughlin

Peace Talks

Peace Talks by Kevin McLaughlin (Adventures of the Starship Satori Book 12)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.8 MB

USA Today bestselling author Kevin McLaughlin has written more than three dozen science fiction and fantasy novels, along with more short stories than he can easily count. Kevin can be found most days in downtown Boston, working on the next novel. His bestselling Blackwell Magic fantasy series, Accord science fiction series, Valhalla Online LitRPG series, and the fan-favorite Starship Satori series are ongoing.

The Naga have returned to Earth – this time hoping for an alliance, not war.

Humans and Naga working together was the only thing which staved off the destruction of the Naga homeworld, but the threat against both species is far from gone. Only by working together will they have a prayer of surviving.

But not everyone on Earth is happy with the idea of peace with these former invaders. Some humans think the only good Naga is a dead Naga, and they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to kick the aliens off their world.

Owen McInness used to be one of them, until life gave him a wake-up call. But now he will need to stop the people whose hatred puts Earth and all of Humanity at risk, before it’s too late!

Owen observed his new friend and mentor. Their relationship was still fresh, and he had a lot to learn about Garul before he would feel comfortable with this fresh course his life was taking. If anyone had told him a year ago that he’d be essentially squired to one of these lizard aliens, he’d have laughed in their face. No, he’d probably have punched them in the face, he admitted. His anger toward the aliens had been that intense, that overwhelming.

Funny how quickly things could change.

But combat could do that to someone. All his life Owen hated the Naga for what they’d done to his parents, but fighting alongside them against the Bugs changed everything. At first, he was willing to side with his old enemy only because they were a better option than the alternative. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that happy horse-shit. But over the course of the battle Owen came to respect Garul’s sense of honor and raw courage.

They’d won the day together, but only at incredible cost. All told, just two dozen Naga had survived the attack on their ship by the Bugs, out of ten times that number who’d originally set out for Earth. It was a devastating blow to Garul; Owen could see that much in his eyes. It was funny how the Naga facial expressions were not that different from those humans wore. Sure, body language wasn’t precisely the same between the two species. Humans lacked tails, for one thing. A Naga swishing his tail back and forth might be irritated, excited, or just curious. They reminded Owen of cats, able to tell so much about how they felt through slight movements of their tail.

The Naga ship was finally in orbit around Earth, as safe a harbor as anywhere for the moment. Human crews were hard at work on repairs. The battle to retake the vessel from the Kkiktchikut had taken a significant toll on the vessel. They’d all but wrecked the engine room, for starters. Owen couldn’t help but smile at the memory. He’d been in the thick of it all, fighting in his Armor to kill the Bugs and save the Naga. The race that had killed his parents.

That errant thought brought up a brief flare of intense fury again. It was damned hard to let go of that rage, now that he had nowhere safe to direct it. How could he hate the Naga now that he’d fought by their side? In so many ways, they were just like humans. Complete with all the human failings Owen was all-too familiar with.

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