Pearl of the South by Vasily Mahanenko

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Pearl of the South by Vasily Mahanenko
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi| ePUB |(World of the Changed Book #2)| 2.7 MB

Vasily Mahanenko is a fantasy author working in the new genre of LitRPG – the MMO-based fantasy and sci fi. His Way of the Shaman series took Russian literature by storm in 2012. Vasily dipped into his college-days insider knowledge as a hardcore gamer in order to create a believable world of the virtual-reality MMO game.

Earth was never the same after World of the Changed. Humanity was reduced to two camps: monsters thirsting to kill, and players doing everything they could to survive. The squabbles people had spent their time on before? Gone. If you wanted to live to see another sunrise, you had to work with everyone you could, from other players to game functions.
Mark Derwin, the most advanced player through the initial period of the game, knew all too well that his level was no advantage. Far from it—the game owner didn’t tolerate anyone who got too far ahead. The only thing the owner wanted was for Earthlings to disappear without a trace, giving up their resources to be extracted. But not everyone was willing to bend the knee before alien intelligence. In fact, some had begun to fight back against the game.

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