Perfectly Famous by Emily Liebert

Perfectly Famous

Perfectly Famous by Emily Liebert
English | 2020 | Thriller | ePUB | 3.4 MB

From the USA TODAY bestselling author of Pretty Revenge—a “gripping tale of subterfuge, betrayal, and retribution” (Liv Constantine, bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish)—comes the story of a journalist obsessed with finding a crime novelist who disappears after a deadly attack on her beloved daughter.

As a mother and a famous author, Ward DeFleur has it all. She lives in a beautiful estate in picture-perfect Connecticut, along with her teenage daughter, Stevie, where nothing can go wrong. Until, one night, when Stevie is brutally murdered and Ward’s entire world is shattered. Consumed by panic and grief, Ward vows never to put pen to paper again.

Enter Bree Bennett.
Bree is a recently-divorced, former-journalist-cum-housewife, desperate to fill her days with something other than Pilates classes and grocery shopping. So she decides to start writing for the town newspaper. What begins as Bree’s effort to tell Ward’s tragic narrative turns into a fixation with finding her favorite author. Unfortunately, Ward doesn’t want to be found. Even worse, Stevie’s killer is still on the loose…

This harrowing tale of one woman’s infatuation and another woman’s fear is full of explosive surprises, perfect for fans of The Night Olivia Fell and Then She Was Gone.

One hour later, I’d signed at least a hundred books. I’d listened to dozens of stories of achievement and heartache. I’d offered embraces of support and encouragement, imparted words of wisdom. And I’d posed for more photos than Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards.

There isn’t a medication in the world that anesthetizes me better than adrenaline.

“Let’s keep the line moving so we can accommodate everyone,” Gwen said, nudging me to hurry it up.

But I won’t be rushed. This is what it’s all about. This is why my readers are loyal. Because I don’t just pretend to be invested. I actually care. My readers’ problems may be their own, but fame and fortune don’t isolate me from everyday life. We all live within our own circumstances, whatever they are. Maybe their children have special needs. Or their parents are ailing. Perhaps their spouses have been cheating on them or their mortgage is overdue. As a single, working mother with responsibilities, I, too, experience happiness and endure sorrow.

Still they’re here. For me. And that’s a very real thing.

Sure, sometimes I feel violated by the attention, well-intentioned as it is. But I won’t let it get the best of me. Not tonight. As Gwen said, absolutely nothing will go wrong. Even she and her assistant have relaxed a little. They can see that I’ve hit my stride. Every signature I scribble is another dollar sign flashing on my forehead like a neon sign.

“I’ll be here until everyone is taken care of,” I reassured her.

“The store closes at nine,” she quickly reminded me.

“Jean won’t turn customers away. She never has and never will.” Gwen didn’t argue. She may be running the show, but I’ve been doing this for most of my adult life. And sometimes I know better, plain and simple.

Two more women approached. The first one smiled kindly. “Hi, I’m Maggie. I love your books,” she gushed. “Silence in the Night is my favorite. The way you didn’t know what Selena was going to do until the second to last page. I almost died!”

“Thank you. Selena was one of my most challenging characters to write.”

“That’s so fascinating.” Maggie nodded and handed me her copy of Mysterious Stranger.

“Should I make it out to you?”

“Yes. Please. Oh, and this is my friend Bree. She was the one who first told me about you.” Maggie stepped aside to reveal a striking blond woman with inviting blue eyes and bee-stung lips.

“Bree?” I reached for her book.

“Oh. Yeah, sorry.” She nodded politely. “I’m a longtime fan of your work. I’ve read all of your novels.”

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