Phantom by William Massa


Phantom by William Massa (The Hexecutioner #8)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

The Hexecutioner is headed to Tanzania to battle his most diabolical enemy yet. In many parts of East Africa, albinos are hunted for their body parts, which some believe to hold supernatural properties and magical powers. One lawyer has decided to fight back against this barbaric black market and protect his people’s rights and lives. An albino himself, he is known among his community as The Phantom, a former victim turned tireless crusader for justice. But he has become the target of an evil sorcerer determined to silence the activist. Little does this witchdoctor know that there are worse threats out there than the Phantom. In the real world, he is Special Agent Jaxon Weylock, FBI profiler of human monsters. But in the shadow world where supernatural beasts prey on the innocent, he is the Hexecutioner, punisher of otherworldly evil. Versed in the dark arts, master of magic and occult ritual, Weylock hunts—and executes—the monsters that haunt humanity’s nightmares.

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