Pilgrim by Harmon Cooper


Pilgrim by Harmon Cooper (Pilgrim #1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.5 Mb

A former assassin. A new beginning. An unspeakable past.

Abandoned at birth and raised to be an assassin by the mysterious Diyu Brotherhood, Danzen Vajra has had enough of the life of a contract killer. After completing his disastrous last assignment, he slips away to the remote Genshin Valley hoping to disappear for good.

Once he reaches Suja Village, Danzen does his best to keep his identity a secret. He eventually becomes known as “Pilgrim” by the locals after he takes shelter in an abandoned monastery, which he plans to rebuild. But his troubled past quickly catches up with him.

At the direction of his former teacher, the Brotherhood has put a hit on Danzen that has every assassin in the kingdom after him, which would be bad in itself if it weren’t for his dark secret: Danzen Vajra is half-demon, and if he spills even a single drop of blood, he unleashes a horde of demons who will stop at nothing to kill Danzen and anyone he holds dear.

Palmo let out a gargled sound, and rather than let the man suffer anymore, Danzen flung his blade into Palmo’s back. His target let out one final gasp and collapsed, Danzen’s sword swiftly returning to its scabbard.

“I see you still are wielding Astra,” Norwin Dawa said in a jovial, almost mocking tone. “A boomerang sword crafted using a remnant. A beauty, to say the very least. I vow to you now, Danzen: once we’re done here, I will take care of Astra as if she were my own. I suppose she will go nicely with the bounty that the Diyu Brotherhood has placed on your head, a bonus, if you will.”

Danzen’s focus wavered at Norwin’s last statement. “A… a bounty?”

Norwin Dawa grinned. “Surely you didn’t think that Biren Yeshe would let his favorite assassin simply leave the Brotherhood, did you?”


Danzen could no longer find the words.

He’d spoken with Biren Yeshe about his departure for months now, the older monk sympathetic to Danzen’s desire to give up his cutthroat lifestyle.

“You really believed him, didn’t you?” Norwin whipped his tendrils against the pavement, kicking up a mist of stone. His forearms were bulging now, the muscle visible under his plum robes. “I thought it would be fitting that I came before the others could find you. Soko, Nayaga, Shunta, Nomin, even some of the former teachers may come out of retirement to hunt you. Soko seemed quite keen to take the bounty. Perhaps I’ll let her have your sword.”

“No…” Danzen whispered.

“Yes, Danzen, yes. Remember, you are the one that gave me this.” Norwin pointed to the side of his skull, at the gnarled scar that stretched to the back of his neck. Norwin had kept a shaved head ever since, the scar adding a fierceness to his visage that he once claimed gave him an edge. “So I thought it would be appropriate for me to return the gesture so many years later.”

“We were much younger then,” Danzen finally said. “I was punished for it.”

Norwin’s tendrils began to circle around his forearms, thickening as they formed into an armor.

His unique ability, to control the fabric wrapped around his arms and hands, had come to Norwin after he swallowed a Sunyata talisman. It would have killed a normal man, and it should have killed Norwin.



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