Pine Lake Inn Cozy Mysteries by K.J. Emrick

 Pine Lake Inn Cozy Mysteries

Pine Lake Inn Cozy Mysteries by K.J. Emrick (#1, 4-6)
English | 2021|Cozy Mystery| ePUB | 7 MB

Pseudonym for author Kathrine Emrick. She never quite gave up on the idea of being a published author and at the age of 51, thanks to Amazon and their Kindle platform, she finally realized her dream. Her maturity allows her to bring a variety of experiences and observations to her writing.

Death in Room 7 (#1): From the Author of the Darcy Sweet Mystery Series…
Adelle Powers, or Dell as she is known around the town of Lakeshore, is living her dream life. She and her best friend Rosie Ryan are owners of the wonderfully quirky Pine Lake Inn, a very popular Australian tourist destination. Running her own inn is the only thing she has ever wanted to do and it is her pride and joy.

So when Dell’s friend Jessica calls to say she’s coming for a visit Dell is ecstatic and can’t wait to show it off to her friend. Surprisingly Dell finds that Rosie is less than thrilled about the visit and can’t understand why. They were all such good friends, or so she thought. It would seem that Rosie may know something about Jessica’s past that Dell doesn’t. Some sort of secret that Rosie is reluctant to share with her. When Jessica is found dead in her room the following day it would appear that her secret past may have finally caught up with her.

Horrified by the death of her good friend in her very own inn, Dell soon gets drawn into the mystery. And things take a turn for the very weird when Jessica’s ghost visits her, more than once, directing Dell to clues that have been overlooked by a very incompetent police investigation. Soon Dell finds her own life in peril as she gets further into the mystery surrounding her friends life, and death.

Close To Home (#4): “Dell! You have to come back to the Inn, right now!”
They’re not the kind of words you want to hear when you answer your phone. Dell Powers knew that it was never a good sign when her friend and business partner, Rosie, was in such a panicked state about something.

Dell’s first reaction was to wonder what had blown up this time. With Rosie you just never knew. It could be the stove had caught fire again or any number of things that seem to happen spontaneously when Rosie was in the vicinity. Dell heard Rosie take a long, deep breath. It was possibly the longest breath in the history of the world. What could have happened that was so bad that Rosie didn’t want to tell her?

“Dell, the chimney’s falling down.”
Yeah, on the scale of bad things that could happen, that was pretty bad. But Dell didn’t know the half of it. She didn’t know what else was waiting for her back at the Inn. If she had she might not have gone back at all.

The Getaway (#5): Sometimes a girl just needed a vacation. A getaway. An escape. Dell Powers really needed to de-stress after finding out the truth behind her husband leaving her all those years ago. So when James suggests a long weekend getaway to Port Arthur she looks forward to nothing but rest and relaxation with her man. There was just one little thing. Now that Dell was so sensitive to the ghosts around her what would she find waiting for her in a place like Port Arthur? It’s not the older resident ghosts she needed to be worried about, though. It was a more recent ghost that brought the disappearance of a young woman to her attention with a message from the other side. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN. What was it that she was meant to stop happening again? Before she knew it Dell found herself right in the middle of the mystery. The stakes are raised even higher when James disappears as well and she finds herself racing the clock to save him before it’s too late.

The Chalice Thief (#6): The Theft of a Valuable Chalice… Another Mystery… And a Baby (or Two)!!! Legend tells the story of the priceless Van Diemen’s Land Chalice. Believed to be hundreds of years old the myth says that whoever holds it has possession of Tasmania! When a local celebrity claims the Chalice has been stolen from his property, Dell Powers gets drawn into the mystery. Was the Chalice really stolen and is it even real? Or is this just an elaborate publicity stunt? If that is not enough for her to cope with, Rosie is about to give birth to her first child and James is back in town to report on the story. Will Dell be able to restore her relationship with him or is it really over? While investigating the mystery Dell’s life is put in jeopardy as she finds herself on the wrong end of a weapon once again. Will she survive this time?

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