Piper Investigations: The Complete Set by Shannon Greenland

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Piper Investigations: The Complete Set by Shannon Greenland (#1-3)
English | 2020| Young Adult | Thriller| ePUB |1.1 MB

includes all three books in the series. Through a run of ridiculous events, thirteen-year-old Penny-Ann Piper has come to live on Piper Island with her quirky Aunt Grace. Although Penny’s new to the eccentric and salty Florida town, she’s proud of her connection to it. After all, her grandparents founded the oddball place where everyone makes it their business to know your business. They’re nosy that way. So when someone steals the time capsule Penny-Ann created chronicling the island’s history, she’s determined to get it back. Principal Berger and Officer Crawl think it’s a prank, but who could have taken it, and why? Penny-Ann’s on-again-off-again best friend Josie? Rocco Garcia, the annoying (but also cute) surfer boy? Twin MMA fighters who think muscles should get them credit in math? With the help of her new friend, Diamond, who may or may not be part of the X-Men, Penny-Ann revives Piper Investigations, her grandparents’ detective agency. But there’s more to the missing time capsule than anyone realizes. It seems someone will do anything to get Penny-Ann to back off the case…including revealing her top-secret, ultra-embarrassing past.


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