Pirate Festival by Carysa Locke

Pirate Festival

Pirate Festival by Carysa Locke Pirate Festival (Swag Stories Book 1) by Carysa Locke
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.1MB

Nayla has a rare Talent: biokinesis, the ability to manipulate life at the cellular level. Healing people is her calling, and she’s never been happier than she is working with Doc, her mentor and the pirates’ chief physician.

But now a call for aid has come from the most unlikely source: the home planet of the Talented called Killers, those who take life with a thought. Nayla’s gift is the only chance to save a young man’s life, so reluctantly, Doc agrees that she must go.

To serve her patient, Nayla will travel to the most dangerous place in the pirate colonies. She will face assassins, and challenge her Talent in ways she never expected. But most dangerous of all, she will confront her own past.

Because once, she used her Talent to take life instead of save it.

u can save them.”

He conveniently left out all of the money that colony would bring them. Niall thought she was young and sheltered, too innocent to understand the many layers of business. But what did Nayla have to do, locked up in her brother’s lab all day, but read? She understood a lot more than he gave her credit for.

None of that mattered, though. Because in the end, Niall was right. In the end, there was only one choice: save many innocent lives by taking one, or allow them to perish.

Nayla took a deep breath, and sent a quick pulse of Talent through her body. Her breathing slowed, her heartbeat became regular, and the nervous sweat along her back dried instantly. Calm suffused her as the physical responses to stress vanished. Her hands unclenched, and Niall smiled.

“There’s my girl,” he murmured, pulling his hands away.

Nayla didn’t look at him. She focused instead on the man. Whatever he looked like, he was a monster. That had to be her focus.

She let her Talent spiral out, reaching for the man like twisting vines. As soon as her power touched him, her ears filled with the sound of the blood rushing through his body, the breath in his lungs, the staccato beat of his heart. The sounds of life. Carefully, so carefully, she examined his coronary arteries. He had medical nanobots in his bloodstream. They kept the arteries supple and in good health, breaking down plaque before it could build up, keeping the walls from narrowing to create a cardiovascular event. Sometimes nanobots interfered with her Talent. In this case, they would aid what she was doing.

It was a simple thing to pull impurities from his bloodstream, to multiply and concentrate them in one spot. The nanobots rushed to deal with the potential blockage, but they were designed to deal with a gradual build up. What Nayla did wasn’t gradual. It was immediate, far too much, far too fast for the nanos to process. Ultimately, their rush to address the issue only added more particles to the area. In seconds, his artery was completely blocked, the obstruction hardened to such a degree that the nanos were stuck in the equivalent of cement.

It would take time for his heart to respond, for the lack of new oxygen to lead to a heart attack. And, he could still survive if he received medical attention in time.

“He won’t,” said Niall, her powerful telepathic brother easily picking up on her thoughts. He smiled. “He’s boarding a private transport in a few minutes. He has an aversion to space jumps, especially long trips that take several jumps to complete. He’ll spend the trip in a sleep capsule. I’ve arranged it so the pilot won’t notice the capsule’s alerts. When the event occurs, no one will be there to help him.”

Cold swept through Nayla. The handsome man with the gray in his hair stepped into the tube that would take him to the spaceport. It whisked him away instantly, and just like that he was beyond her reach. She couldn’t find him with her Talent, couldn’t undo what she’d done.

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