Pirates of the Asteroids by E. S. Martell (Eric Martell)

Pirates of the Asteroids

Pirates of the Asteroids by E. S. Martell (Eric Martell) (The Belter #1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 433 Kb

Pirates of the Asteroids: All Adam wanted was his advanced degree and a girlfriend. What he got was betrayal, kicked out of University, and exiled to the Asteroid Belt.

The Asteroid Miners have just about had their fill of the oppressive Federal bureaucracy, and some of them are ready to take steps towards freedom.

Adam arrives just in time to find himself involved with a budding revolution. Unfortunately, he had been working on a physics degree, and it wasn’t as if there was a course of study on Practical Pirating offered at the University.

How does one become a pirate? Adam is about to figure it out.

“The last few weeks had been filled with frantic action. The Revenue Department’s case against him had been built with frightening efficiency and speed. Most people thought that government bureaucrats were inefficient. Ha! They certainly moved quickly enough when they were directed to get somebody. He’d done nothing illegal. There was nothing to find. He’d broken no laws, but they used a combination of fake leaks to the press to create enough buzz that he seemed guilty. Given that perception, they were able to convince a judge to issue a warrant for him.

He had figured out how to find a lot of free money in the last couple of weeks. After the disillusionment with Elseth, he absolutely had to keep his mind occupied, or he’d go insane. Few people knew that there was such a thing as a zombie bitcoin. He couldn’t help it that some people were so careless that they lost their keycodes. He’d figured out an algo that recovered some of the lost coins.

At last count, he’d been worth a couple of million. That was before the Senator had gotten the FBI after him. Now all he had was a stolen credit card that would probably bounce the first time he tried to use it.

That thought brought him back to full attention. The marines were still gawking at the unfortunate woman dancer. The bartender was mixing for another group of men who looked like regulars, maybe ribbon maintenance workers.

Adam tilted his drink and sipped. The booze was poor quality and raw, but it warmed his stomach. Have to make this last. He was nearly out of cash, and that credit card shouldn’t be used until there were no other options. He leaned back again, glanced around, then closed his eyes.”



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