Poisoned by Stephanie Edwards


Poisoned by Stephanie Edwards (Silver Falls Cozy Mystery #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 220 Kb

Poisoned: The cinnamon buns in the Secret Ingredient Bakery are mouth wateringly delicious with a soft dough, just the right amount of cinnamon filling, and delicate drizzled icing on the top to finish. They are magical, delectable and … poisonous?

Mayor Silverman came into the bakery for a treat and left on a stretcher. Destination? The mortuary.

Cassie, the owner of the bakery, and member of the local coven, is accused of the malicious murder. She and her four witch friends – quirky Lily, glamorous Harmony, quiet Bailey and young Gina – form the Witches Murder Club in order to clear her name – and more importantly – the reputation of her cinnamon buns.

With the help of Cassie’s cat familiar, Anubis – snarky, descended from Egyptian royalty, and Jeeves-like in manner – they go on the hunt to remove Cassie from the suspect list and find the real murderer.

“assie paid the witch behind the counter, still snuggling the cute little kitten.

“Thank you, dear. Anubis I hope you enjoy your forever home.” The woman reached across the counter and gave the kitten a little scratch behind the ears. The woman walked around the counter, a cushion in one hand, and a brown bag with the logo of a cat curled on a book in the other. “These are his things I will follow you out to your car and help you get him settled.

Cassie thanked the woman, leading the way to her car. Her shopping trip had been quite a bit more eventful than just ordering sugar and flour.

Cassie opened the passenger door allowing the other woman to set down Anubis’ things. With a last wink at Cassie the woman waved and started the walk back to her shop.

“It’s just you and me now, little man,” she told the kitten as she settled him onto his cushion in her car before she slipped into the driver’s seat.

“I will require kippers and cream for breakfast, mistress,” a male voice with an upper class British accent came from the little kitten.

“What the hell?” Cassie was thankful she had not pulled away from the curb, because she probably would have driven into a store. Her kitten’s comment explained the woman’s British toff comment. She should have known he was special, he was a witch’s familiar after all.”



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