Powder Keg by Trevor Scott

Powder Keg

Powder Keg by Trevor Scott (Max Kane Series Book 6)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

Trevor Scott is the best selling author of more than forty-five mystery/thriller novels in the Jake Adams International Espionage Thriller Series, the Karl Adams Series, and his new Max Kane Series. He has a master’s in creative writing from Northern Michigan University, and a bachelor’s in writing from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Brother and sister team Max and Robin Kane are hired by an old high school friend to look into the mysterious death of his brother in a Wyoming mining incident. Max must first break the barrier of small-town law enforcement and the powerful mining company to discover the truth. When Max invariably rubs folks the wrong way, he must not only search for a killer, but also keep himself alive. The old west comes to life again in a battle over rights of the individual and those of powerful forces determined to profit from the land. What seems at first to be a simple case, quickly turns into a complex conundrum of good versus evil, digging up old wounds and shaking the conscience of the locals. Set in the Powder River Valley in the shadows of the Bighorn Mountain Range, this poignant mystery brings back memories of the western range wars of the old Wyoming territory.

Max Kane rode his dapple-gray mare along a small unnamed creek higher into the back country, the half Arabian and half Quarter Horse barely huffing with the increase in elevation. At nearly sixteen hands, the four-year-old mare was still a bit of a handful and occasionally spirited. Max guessed she just needed a little more time with him in the saddle to let her know who was boss. She was broken, but not entirely settled.

He paused and let his horse take a quick water break. But when she began to chew on grass along the bank of the river, he pulled back on the reigns. If he let her eat now, she wouldn’t want to get back to the truck and trailer below.

Suddenly, Max heard and felt a buzz inside his backpack. It wasn’t his normal cell phone. It was his SAT phone. Heading into the backcountry alone could be dangerous. So, his twin sister had bought him the SAT phone and the plan to go along with it.

He finally reached the phone and tapped the green button. “What’s up, sis?”

“I tried your regular cell,” Robin said. “But it went right to voice mail. I’m guessing you’re up on that old gray mare. I hear she ain’t what she used to be.”

“Cindy is only four,” Max corrected.

“You named your horse Cindy?”

“No. The ten-year-old girl from Elko named her Cindy. After the girl was thrown once, the parents freaked out. I just kept the name.”

“Did you get a good price?”

“The price of a horse isn’t that important,” Max said. “I can get free mustangs in Reno, but might never break the damn horses. And the real price is how much it costs to keep them. Hay, water and boarding can add up.”

“I thought you got a sweet deal from Buck,” she said.

His horse tried to go after the grass again, so Max pulled back harder and then nudged his horse out onto a narrow trail heading down the mountain toward his truck.

“What’s up, Robin?” he asked, figuring his ride was almost over.

“How soon can you get to Salt Lake?”

“We have a case?”


“Can you be more cryptic?” he asked.

She let out a heavy sigh. “I thought the military taught you patience?”

Over twenty years in the Air Force had taught him patience, but he had been retired for a few years now, and sometimes he wished he could just be left alone.



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