Power Up by Aella Black

Power Up

Power Up by Aella Black (Supernatural Prison Trilogy Book 2)
English | 2020 | Young Adult | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Out of the frying pan into the fire…
Xander Aldrich’s life has been upended in ways he never could have imagined. Tossed in prison. Then thrown in another one. Falling for a girl he’s known his entire life.
Well, that’s not exactly new.
What is new is Lansing’s warden, along with the unquestionably barbaric game she’s playing. Xander has no idea what the objective is, but he has no intention of letting her win.
Though Xander still sees most of the friends he’s made behind bars, he often doesn’t see the one person he wants: Phoebe.
She’s made friends at the new prison, and one, in particular, gets under Xander’s skin. Whether it’s due to the guy’s close proximity to her, or their increasingly close relationship, Xander has yet another reason for them to escape captivity.
Good thing he’s always up for a challenge.
Phoebe Atkinson’s ability has made her a target since she first entered the supernatural prison system. Her arrival at Lansing ensures the target on her back is now bigger.
With new inmates to contend with and a complicated new warden, Phoebe tries to find her way without the help of many of her friends. One, in particular, she misses more than the others: Xander.
They may be trapped in the same building, but she’s never felt further apart. In a place where it’s often every man for himself, not having him near is even harder.
But there’s been a void in Phoebe’s life for the past year, and it has nothing to do with Xander.
That doesn’t mean he can’t help her try to fill it.

A billow of cigarette smoke clouded my face as a guard leaned in, glaring at me through the bars. “You’re a scrawny one,” he observed.

I closed my eyes and mouth to keep the smoke out and my thoughts in.

Warden Will didn’t allow his guards to smoke on duty, but apparently, the Lansing guards had free rein. And the person who gave them that freedom?

My mother.

I still couldn’t believe it. Not only was she here, but she’d been here for years. And it wasn’t like we lived halfway across the country. She could have commuted here for work. Lots of people did it, Xander’s father included. Sure, he spent more time in Washington D.C. than with his family in Kansas, but at least he didn’t just disappear without a word.

In the brief amount of time I’d seen my mother in action since our arrival, it was obvious this wasn’t just work to her. This was her life. It was evident in the way she barely acknowledged me—her very own daughter—when she saw me. No hug, no explanation, and certainly no apology. As if I were a stranger to her.

My nostrils burned. Hard to tell if it was the smoke or unshed tears causing it. Then the coughing began.

“Leave her alone, Saul,” a female voice said behind me. My eyes flew open.

That wasn’t Rocky.

I blinked, the smoke stinging my eyes. For the first time, I took in the guard whose smug face was inches from the cell bars. Lukewarm brown eyes searched my face. “What, you don’t like the smoke?”

He took a deep breath and blew through his nose. Dirty gray smoke crept down my windpipe, and I coughed again. Panic spiked through me. It didn’t smell like cigarettes anymore.

It was smoke from a fire, just like the one I died in mere months ago.

My lungs burned. The girl behind me began to choke and splutter as the smoke filled the cell, and the flashback of the house fire became more vivid.

The twins had nearly died because of the deadly smoke filling their lungs. Instinctively, I reached behind me and grabbed the girl’s arm, pulling her close.

“Saul!” she gasped. “Stop!”

I could no longer see the looming face of the guard, but his dark chuckle made its way through the thick fog. “See you in the morning, ladies.” Boots echoed across the floor as he walked away.

The air began to clear, and I fanned the remaining tendrils away from my face. “What… was that?” I rasped. My heart beat wildly against my chest and my head swam. Was I about to faint?

“Saul,” she said, coughing. “He can make smoke.”

I finally got a good look at the girl who slid from my arms. Tall, with deep blue eyes and platinum blonde hair pulled back in a single, long braid, she looked to be about my age.



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