Prague Noir by Pavel Mandys


Prague Noir by Pavel Mandys (Akashic Noir)
English | 2018| Mystery/Thriller > Anthology| ePUB | 3.7 MB

How do you write noir in a city where, until 1990, the profession of private detective didn’t even exist? Where the censors cultivated a positive image of the police in both media and literature? Where, in essence, organized crime was nowhere to be found, and the largest criminal group was the secret police? Before you delve in and start reading the fourteen stories in this collection, a heads-up: most of the stories are linked to Prague more closely than the noir genre, especially if “noir” is interpreted, narrowly, as a subgenre of the mystery genre. If, however, the concept of noir is extended and considered a label for literary works that contain elements of crime, danger, and menace, or where main characters find themselves in a critical situation, then you will find fourteen such stories in this collection.

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