Price of Justice by Robin James

Price of Justice

Price of Justice by Robin James (Mara Brent Legal Thriller #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery, Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Robin James is an attorney and former law professor. She’s worked on a wide range of civil, criminal and family law cases in her twenty-year legal career. She also spent over a decade as supervising attorney for a Michigan legal clinic assisting thousands of people who could not otherwise afford access to justice.

Vicious felons are going free. Can one determined attorney stop them from slaughtering more innocents?
Sharp small-town prosecutor Mara Brent has a heart as big as it is tough. Smack in the middle of a scandal surrounding her corrupt ex-boss, she works relentlessly to put things back in order. But when past gross negligence threatens to free convicted criminals, Mara fears her tight-knit community will be plagued by sadistic serial killers.
Preparing for the legal fight of her career, Mara battles to keep a violent pair of brothers locked up. But when the bloodthirsty duo is suddenly released on bail, she finds herself in a race against time to stop their inevitable killing spree.
Will Mara put the brutal murderers back behind bars before she has innocent blood on her hands?

The Blitz. That phrase conjures something far different for most people than it does for those of us here in Waynetown, Ohio. Here, it’s what everyone calls Belitzer Quarry. Abandoned fifty years ago, this place once formed part of the backbone of the local economy.

Now, a diamond-shaped crystal blue lake shimmers at the bottom of high limestone walls marred only by layers of moss and dirt. Dense woods filled with white pine and maple trees frame it, making it the perfect landscape for the Waynetown postcards still sold at the nearest rest stop on I-75.

For two generations, the place has become our town’s favorite swimming hole. Daredevil teens ignore all the warning signs and jump from the tallest heights of those stone walls like urban cliff divers. Miraculously, no one has ever drowned at the Blitz. Not in fifty years. Still, the place carries the haunted chill of death, anyway.

“You ready for this?” Kenya Spaulding asked. Maumee County’s newly appointed prosecuting attorney stood at the head of the conference room table. Beside her, she’d set up a large easel and covered it with a blue tarp.

I turned to the girl sitting at my left shoulder and wondered if I’d ever been that young. The start of the school year came with a fresh crop of law school interns. This one weighed maybe a hundred pounds dripping wet and had a name that didn’t help people take her seriously either. Melody Chance.

I locked eyes with Kenya. She stood with her arms crossed in front of her. In the two months since she’d accepted this job, I hadn’t seen her smile once. There had been little reason. Her tenure started under the specter of her predecessor’s misdeeds. Most days, I knew she felt like she was just treading water.

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