Primal Link by L. Bowers, Justin Sloan

Primal Link

Primal Link by L. Bowers, Justin Sloan
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Missions to alien planets have resulted in interactions with strange beings in the past, but never on this level.
When Marine Corporal Goshawk becomes part of the search team tasked with locating some missing SEALs, he expected action and plenty of it. After all, they had to send in Marines to rescue SEALs. What he didn’t expect was that the mission would completely transform him, body and spirit.
As new threats from strange beings continually challenge the team and their mission rapidly spirals out of control, odd allies emerge in unexpected places. It’s no joyride for Corporal Goshawk and his small fire team, though, because those allies—the very thing that could help them—are driving a wedge between his team and his commanding officer, along with the rest of the Marines.
Will the Corporal and his team find the SEALs and complete the mission? Can they overcome the strange beings that threaten to take over? Or will they go down in flames?

ith a deep breath, I prepared to enter the training simulator. Excitement for the mission to find the lost SEALs threatened to make me act rashly, but this was my opportunity to prove myself. Two teams had been sent to investigate strange signals on an alien planet… both teams vanished.

I had to keep my calm. I had to ensure they knew I could hack it, to hang with the big boys and girls. It wasn’t every day a non-aug Marine like me got to go to an alien planet for a rescue mission. Steeling my nerves, I breathed out, then connected.

Complete blackness of the loading screen faded to reveal the sand-covered landscape of a battlefield. Before I could move, the ground shook. An explosion sounded as the ground shook again and I fell back. The force sent me rolling over rock, and I slid to a stop against the legs of another Marine.

“You’ll have to do better than that, Corporal Goshawk.” With a meaty hand, Standish snatched me up by the back of my flak jacket and flung me to my feet. “If you want to help win this, you need to do as I say and keep your eyes open.”

“I heard you the first time, Lance Corporal.” I spat out dirt and rocks as I spoke.

“Then why do you have a mouth full of grit and sand? Doesn’t matter. We need to move.”

Without waiting to see if I was following, Standish turned and ran. As an enhanced Marine, a trot for him was a full sprint for me. A hundred yards in, and I already had to fight for every breath while struggling to maintain the pace. 

A sharp whistling sound grew out of the air right before another mortar hit the ground to my right. The explosive was far enough away that I was able to keep my footing, but the concussive force still hit my chest and rattled my teeth. The resulting spray of dirt blinded me momentarily, and fear swept through me. Fueled by my need to find safety, I pushed on through the burning pain in my legs and lungs.

The cloud of dust kicked up by the mortar obscured Standish and the rest of the squad from my view. I kept on pushing myself as hard as I could. If I could impress these infantry Marines, they might give me a recommendation for augmentation. As a radio operator, I wouldn’t have to change my MOS—Military Occupational Specialty—to infantry, but I could serve with the infantry grunts on the battlefield. I wanted to be as strong and fast as they were. The augmentation process was basically bottled superpowers and, for me, a lifelong dream come true. The product of too many comic books and cartoons when I was growing up, I suppose.

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