Project Payback by D. A. Longman

Project Payback

Project Payback by D. A. Longman (Sinister Minds Quick Reads Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

If you had an abusive partner, would you take revenge?
When Jennifer met the charming Oliver Knight, he seemed like the perfect man.
Loving, generous, attentive.
That changed when they got married and he revealed his darker side to control her every move.
When his control turned violent, could Oliver be subjected to the ultimate payback?

They’d sat on a bench, the rain was hammering down around them as they sat at the side of the lake, but neither woman noticed the weather.

“He’s going to kill you, Jen.  He’s going to kill the baby!”

Gemma was right, Jen knew that she was right.

She looked at Gemma, the only friend that had stuck by her since her marriage to Oliver.  Her sole confidante, the only other person that truly knew the horrors she was going through.

“I know, Gem, but I’m scared,” she replied feebly.

“I’ve spoken to the refuge,” Gemma persisted. “They can take you.  They know you are pregnant.  They will help!”

She continued, “I’ll help.  Marcus will help.  You aren’t on your own.”

Jen appeared to be staring blankly at the ducks now, she watched how they gracefully moved in the water.  She watched as a goose started to attack one of the ducklings.  She observed as a drake did his best to get in between. 

She was that duckling, Oliver was that goose, but she was helpless, she didn’t have drake.  Gemma couldn’t be that drake.  She wouldn’t be safe in the refuge, would she? She needed a better plan, a plan that actually gave her and her baby a real future.  A future where she would be safe.

“Jen….JEN… Are you even listening to me?” The look of exasperation was clear on Gemma’s face.

Jen shrugged, “I can’t leave with nothing.”

“You’ll be leaving with your life!” Gemma said, defiantly. “These beatings are getting worse.  He is getting worse.  I can’t keep watching him destroy you.”

Jen got up from the bench and started to walk away from the lake, back to the woodland path.  She could see the empty children’s playground in the distance.  On a better day the sound of children playing would have been heard.  Not today; all she could hear was the sound of the wind blowing the branches of the trees, and when that subsided, the familiar sound of water hitting puddles.

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