Protecting Her Curves by Julie Scarlet

Protecting Her Curves

Protecting Her Curves by Julie Scarlet (Curvy Girls Club Series Book 1)
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 149 KB

Protecting Her is my First Priority.
Sarah isn’t interested in love or a relationship. After a string of bad relationships, she’s content with the occasional night out with her BFFs and focused on her internship at a law firm. But one night changes everything she thinks about her life now and about her ability to ever feel safe again.
Jared knows the moment he sets eyes on the curvaceous beauty, she’s someone he wants to get to know better. Despite his good looks and charm, the seasoned alpha male usual tricks don’t work with her. She’s not like any of the young, gorgeous women he’s ever swooned. This one will require more effort.
When Sarah starts receiving sweet tokens of affection, she automatically assumes it’s Jared, but she feels a set of eyes are constantly watching her. Where ever she goes, Whatever she does, they follow.
The question is who is watching her?

I am not sure why I agreed to go out for drinks tonight I would rather have gone home and watched some TV, but I let the other guys convinced me to come out tonight. I survey the bar and sigh it looks like the usual crowd here tonight, a mix of young professionals and women looking to hook up with a young professional.

I shouldn’t be having such a hard time finding a woman. My family is Boston royalty – I grew up in affluent households went to the best schools and have had every advantage. Despite that, I have tried hard to stay down to earth. It is why I haven’t dated any of the debutantes that my mother has thrown at me.

My disastrous first marriage proved that I need a woman in-between; not a shy, timid woman who I could barely get to leave the house like my first wife, but not a high-maintenance debutante either. I was starting to wonder if she even existed.

I have tried dating women since my divorce, but it always turns out they are just after my last name or my money. Being a Montgomery holds a lot of weight in Boston society and for people who run in my circles, I am a good catch. I roll my eyes and take a sip of my whiskey.

I am looking for a woman who is smart, funny, and has enough backbone to take on my mother, the matriarch of the family, but isn’t dazzled by the money, glitz and glamour that come with being part of my family.

My first wife hadn’t fit the bill, and I still regret that foolish incident in my 20s. Julianna had wilted like a hot-house flower under Mrs. Montgomery’s gaze, and the marriage had fizzled out within the first year.

I hadn’t dated much in the last few years, focusing on my career with an eye at partner. That is where Montgomerys excel – my sister was a doctor, my brother a lawyer like me, and my youner brother was fresh out of medical school.

My father is also a lawyer; it is expected with a Montgomery. I am the first of my brothers to make junior partner, and I try not to think about all the sacrifices that I had to make to get here.

I make another sweep of the bar and my sights land on a curvy read head at a nearby table. I watch as she tips her head back, laughing at something one of her companions has said.

It’s Sarah. She meets all of my criteria – she is beautiful, sweet but with a backbone of steel, intelligent and quite funny. She is a paralegal for one of the other partners and with each interaction that I have had with her, I become a little bit more intrigued.

I asked her out last week and she said she would have to think about it. This is the perfect time to nudge her into a yes. I signal one of the roving waiters and tell him to make her a martini.

I watch as he delivers the drink to her and points me out.

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