Pumpkin Run by Mary-Kate Thomas

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Pumpkin Run by Mary-Kate Thomas (Castlewood High Tales Book 1)
English | 2020 |Young Adult | ePUB | 1.3 MB

Even though she’s a junior at Castlewood High, Cici Norwell’s life is anything but magical. She spends her days cooking and cleaning for her step-mother, a badly aging beauty pageant queen, and doing homework for her two mean girl step-sisters, Stacie and Drew, all while trying to earn straight A’s so she can one day escape to college… and freedom.
But Cici’s life takes an unexpected turn one fateful Saturday morning when she’s running late for work as a forbidden shortcut leads her to cross paths with the cross-country coach and his newest recruit, a fast-footed foreign exchange student named Deke Encantador. Trying to avoid detention, Cici shows up for cross-country tryouts the next day. But before she can race toward a new future, Cici’s step-mother steps in to control her destiny with a wicked plot to keep Cici away from running, Deke, and any hope of a life of her own.
With the announcement of the City of Castlewood’s first annual Pumpkin Run 5K, Cici realizes it might be the last chance she has to talk to Deke and to earn a spot on the cross-country team. With a little help from her friends, can Cici outmaneuver her step-mother and win the happy ending she deserves?


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