Queen of Diamonds by Jasmine Young

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Queen of Diamonds by Jasmine Young (Four Kingdoms: Origins #2)
English | 2020 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy| ePUB | 1.9 MB

Would you betray the man you love to save your kingdom?

Eridene Swansea is a sixteen-year-old high lord’s daughter serving out exile in the countryside. A half-blood stained by her mother’s crimes, she is an outcast among the world of the aristocracy. As war rages in the West, destiny seems to pass her by…until the court offers her an opportunity to redeem herself.

A mysterious warlord has declared himself Lord Regent of the enemy kingdom. If Eridene locates his base for the court, her inheritance will be restored. She seizes her chance to redeem herself and save two kingdoms…only to fall in love with the very man she must turn over.

Eridene and Ryukan’s forbidden passion for each other becomes her only hope of saving the West—but can the love between them last?

With this smoldering romance, intricate plot, and breathtaking action, Jasmine Young’s powerfully fresh storytelling brings the series to epic new heights.


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