Queen of Skye and Shadow Omnibus by Thea Atkinson

Queen of Skye and Shadow Omnibus by Thea Atkinson
English | 2020| Fantasy Post-Apocalypse| ePUB | 1.3 MB

This is no Camelot and Skye is no Guinevere, but the world is dark and divided, and it does need a hero.
With the government burying itself in bunkers underground and technology lost to all but a sacred few, hope of that hero grows dimmer. Skye has been waiting for a champion to come ever since brigands destroyed her home and sent her running into the hands of a power-hungry despot.
Now that same despot is searching for a weapon of incredible magic. And he’s looking for Skye.
But he’s not the only one. A powerful sorcerer wants to put a sword into her hands to join the fight. A sword possessed of legendary magic that is both terrible and frightening.
A sword that turns her into that hero.
But can she wield its power without losing herself to it…


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