Quest for Trust by Jacey Ward

Quest for Trust

Quest for Trust by Jacey Ward (Veritas Academy 1)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 481 Kb

How could they have allowed the damn faeries into Veritas Academy?
Everyone knows they’re just a bunch of lying, thieving, con artists.
Then, just when I start to soften towards my faery, with her innocent eyes and her lush ginger curls, her true deceitful self is revealed.
Betrayed, by that liar!
Forever blamed, forever banished.
Judged and found guilty – without a trial.
The story of my life.
When will people see past my wings and adorable pointy ears? Past the reputation that all faeries seem forced to pay for.
Well, I’m done with this, goddamn it.
I can fight my own battles, stand up to my own monsters.
Even if my monster is a pissed off, fire-spewing, mountain-of-betrayed dragon.

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