Raining Bullets by Alex Howell

 Raining Bullets

Raining Bullets by Alex Howell (Mason Walker Book 9)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

My Name is Alex Howell. I am a thriller author. I have been an avid fan of thriller and sci-fi books and movies growing up. I have a passion for the imagination, and I can’t wait to take you on the adventure with me.

It’s been a hard knock life for Mason Walker.
As a former Navy SEAL, and then as a private contractor through Onyx, he has fought his way through some of the toughest situations humanly possible.
And on his watch countless lives have been saved, even though he usually doesn’t get any recognition or credit for his work.
In the meantime, the love of his life, and first wife Bree passed away from cancer and he was forced to raise their young daughter Clara by himself as a single father.
But despite all of the hardships that had been sent his way, now things are finally starting to look up for Mason Walker.
And Mason has since retired his gun altogether so that he can began to focus more on his family.
Now his newly married second wife Raina and his daughter Clara, recently graduated from college, are the main focus of his life.
But even though he has stepped into retirement, Mason finds himself more or less passing on the torch to his daughter Clara as she starts a bold new career as a CIA agent.
Clara wants to learn as much as she can from her father and his advice does her well. That is until she learns that her first assignment with the CIA is something that none of her training could have ever prepared her for.
Because her first assignment isn’t busting up drug or sex trafficking rings, gathering intel on antagonistic nations, or investigating international terrorists—her first assignment is to spy on her own father!
Mason Walker has somehow come into the crosshairs of the very agency that Clara has joined up with, and it’s up to Clara to clear his name.
Will she be able to exonerate her dad and still succeed in her mission?

Mason and Raina Walker stood close together as droves of people crowded around at Stanford University’s “Stanford Stadium” where sporting events, as well as commencements were typically held. Mason’s daughter Clara’s graduation just happened to fall on the anniversary of Mason and Raina’s getting married the previous summer.

It was a large graduating class, and the seats to the commencement had been sold out as if it was a rock concert. Right as Raina was being bumped into and fending off apologies from a bumbling stranger for the third time, Mason whispered into her ear, “Sorry we couldn’t be in Hawaii instead right now.”

Raina remembering how they were cheated out of their honeymoon one year prior due to certain “business” that had come up, laughed, “Don’t worry Mason—I’m used to it. At least this time we weren’t interrupted by bloodthirsty terrorists.”

Mason looking back toward the stage chuckled, “Right.”

The stage was currently empty, but there was a heavy feeling of anticipation in the air as everyone waited for the moment to arrive when their loved ones would come forward. At the moment however, Mason and Raina were just trying to get to their seats.

As they navigated through the crowd Mason himself was bumped into with a wicked elbow to his left shoulder. Getting frustrated he growled, “Hey! Watch out!” just as he was jostled by yet another attendee on his right.

He turned around ready to tell off whoever it was that was literally rubbing him the wrong way. But as he saw who had brushed up against him, his eyes widened and a grin filled his face as he cheerfully exclaimed, “Matt! You made it!

And sure enough, staring back at him was the pock marked but smiling face of his old combat buddy from the SEALS; Mathew Benton. Clasping Mason’s shoulder’s Benton remarked, “Of course I made it! This is Clara’s big day! She’s like a daughter to me—I wouldn’t miss this for the world!”

Taking a breath, looking around and waving at the crowd, Benton remarked, “Woah! Do you see this crowd? I haven’t seen a turn out like this seen I went to an Ozzy Osborne concert!”

Mason chuckled, “Right Matt! Oz Fest 99’ just couldn’t compare to this one could it?”

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