Rake’s Story by LeRoy Clary

Rake's Story

Rake’s Story by LeRoy Clary (Dragon Clan: New World #1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 482 Kb

Rake’s Story : The Dragon Clan is back, bigger, bolder, and more mature. In this new series, the descendants of the original series have lived for three generation in comparative safety, but the appearance of a hated green dragon disrupts their idyllic existence and brings forth stories of old dangers. Rake is past the age where most men marry–but not for lack of interest. His father asks him to investigate and determine if the family and Dragon Clan must take action. His humble investigation flares into far more than expected, and he find himself at the center of not only threats from the ancient foe of Breslau, but new ones. His sense of humor, determination, and moral center are all tested as he works to protect his clan. However, the odds are stacked against him.

“We don’t know for a fact that Breslau is sending an army here. We don’t even know if what Emma saw in the pasture was a genuine Breslau Green. However, if it belonged to Breslau, we can assume that other dispersed families saw it. They will spread the word and know what it means.”

“If the other Dragon Clan families can even find us tucked away up here at the head of the valley,” Grace said, her doubt clear in her tone. She drew another sharp look from her father. She didn’t relent as she continued, “The Green dragon Emma saw was probably scouting the mountains, seeking to find the locations of any of any Dragon Clan, so the Breslau army will know exactly where to look when they arrive.”

The heat in her words held truth. Rake spoke easily, again trying to calm the tension in his sister, “Listen, I’ve also heard all the old stories about that king of Princeton being killed by a dragon dropping him from the sky so high he left a depression in the ground, and how his army was defeated when the troops ran away. No wonder they hate us. But are we making too much of a single sighting?”

Grace added, “Well, you have to admit the Breslau invasion of Princeton was terrible. They destroyed every place where the Dragon Clan lived during the first year of their occupation. Wiped them all out with the help of the traitor-king.” She paused, then added as if uncertain, “It was King Ember that was the traitor, right? Sometimes, I get the stories mixed up.”



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