Rampage by Aaron Oster


Rampage by Aaron Oster (Land of the Elementals Book 1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB |1.7 Mb

Rampage : Life is cruel. Arbor learns this lesson the hard way, when everything he loves is taken from him in a single night. Left alive by the men who butchered his family, Arbor has two options: give up and perish, or rise up and fight to take back the life he’s lost. To do that though, he’ll have to leave behind the only home he’s ever known and venture out into the world beyond.
What he doesn’t yet realize, is that the world is a much more dangerous place than he could ever have imagined. A world filled with magic, monsters and mythic beasts powerful enough to destroy entire nations!

“and a chill ran down his spine, despite the warm weather. He didn’t know why, but the four months between the summer and winter moons always made him feel uneasy. He wasn’t the only, one of course. Four months when the night was so dark that you couldn’t see a foot in any direction was quite disconcerting. The lack of a moon in those months gave rise to all sorts of superstitions.

His mother said that the four months with no moon was the Almighty’s way of reminding them to pray. Arbor didn’t believe in that, but he just nodded whenever his mother talked about it. She was a hard woman to argue with.

He looked at the pile of logs, grimacing. He knew that he was only halfway done for the day. He also knew that if he wanted the house ready by next week, he would have to get up off his lazy ass and put in the work. He got up, his muscles groaning in protest and he stretched his arms and back, trying to work out the stiff muscles. He put the stopper into his waterskin and pulled the ax back out of the stump. He looked around for a moment, before finding one of the trees he’d marked and headed over to it.

He adjusted his grip and was about to take his first swing when he saw a deer wander into the clearing, not five yards from him. He stood stock-still as the deer watched him calmly, its ears flicking slightly as it bent down to begin grazing. The tranquility was ruined instantaneously by the loud voice of his sister. “

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