Raw Justice: Frank Luce Book 2 by Rick Bosworth

Raw Justice

Raw Justice: Frank Luce Book 2 (Frank Luce Series) by Rick Bosworth
English | 2020 | Mystery, Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Rick Bosworth is an attorney and retired FBI agent who worked and supervised street gang, drug, terrorism, and intelligence cases in six different offices during his 25 year bureau career. He survived the L.A. Riots, South Central, and the Northridge Earthquake as a street agent, and paper cuts, endless meetings, and vexation as a squad supervisor and program manager. Rick has walked dark alleys and beltway power corridors, arrested killer gang members and briefed Cabinet members, all the while asking himself the same two questions: Why? What if? His answers became the basis for his first novel, First Citizen.

SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE. SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO KILL. THE DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS. Will an honest man risk all he loves to do one bad thing that feels so good? The very thing that just might save himself and his country from ruin?

Raw Justice is the gripping sequel to Talion Justice, the first book in the Frank Luce Thriller series. It follows Frank Luce, disgraced war hero and CIA analyst, as he wages a zero-sum battle to the death with his former boss, psychopathic CIA Deputy Director Prisha Baari, who has begun her bid for ultimate power.

Frank is the thorn in Prisha’s side: he knows far too much about her and her hijacking of a secret government project to further her dark and sinister plans. Prisha relentlessly pursues Frank from DC Jail to the west coast and back, knowing he must die for her to succeed. Prisha will stop at nothing, including targeting the people Frank loves most: his girlfriend, Sarah, and his childhood hero, retired mob boss Quinn Doyle.

Frank must now choose between two onerous options: submit to a quiet, anonymous life to protect his loved ones, or embrace his true nature and destroy his mortal enemy, Prisha Baari, once and for all. Can Frank Luce kill a monster and not become one himself?


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